Who are we?

Need more information on the Nazarene Denomination, or would like to get more involved in our mission efforts, please visit…www.nazarene.org


Want to be informed on what we’re doing?

Find out the latest news in our country, in our world…www.nazarene.org/news


Want to help make a difference?

Find out how you can make a difference, visit…www.ncm.org


Wesleyan Lectionary Commentary

Visit www.aplainaccount.org to learn more about Lectionary 


Need a good book?

Check out our Publishing house, soon to be known as “The Foundry” at www.nph.com where you’re sure to find the resources you need.


Want to make a difference locally?

Valley Restart is always looking for donations and help! We serve dinner once a month and can always use a helping hand. Visit www.valleyrestart.com to see how you can help.