Slow Down and Remember

Lord, in the rush of our day and the rush of our routine, let us remember who we are and Who you are.
Help us worship You even in the ordinary tasks of our schedule.
Help us continue our worship with every part of our being, in every action and in every word.
Bless this holy time that we have with You today and renew our souls. 
I pray this in Jesus’ name, AMEN

A Greater Home

Lord, we are sojourners on this earth. Some days we feel so out of place, longing for a greater home. Bring down Your presence and comfort us for we live in a land that often feels very foreign to us.
Continue to build Your kingdom of heaven here God that we may experience more of You.
And let us bring that experience with us as we leave this place and share it with the world.
All Your goodness, love and joy that makes this world a brighter place.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

You Hold Creation

We praise you God for you hold all creation in your hand.
We are humbled by your immensity and power.
We lift our eyes to heaven for you are our hope and the song of our salvation.
I pray that you abide in us so that we may abide in you, for you are the source of all life.
So come today Holy Spirit. Empty us of ourselves and filled again with more of you.
Let your love and joy reign in this place.
In Jesus name amen.

Shape Us

Lord, continue shaping us more into your likeness.
Holy Spirit, help us endure and persevere in this race of faith because sometimes we stumble.
Help us to get back and keep going.
Let us not be caught by the sin that tries to trap us or by the enemy that tries to deceive us.
But instead, give us wisdom to discern the right course of action.
We pray that your wisdom comes forth from your Word today.
In Jesus name, amen.

Our Strength

Your Word says that the Joy of the Lord is our strength.
I pray that your joy springs forth as from a fountain in our hearts.
Let it strengthen us and make us glad today,
for today is a day that you have made.
Let us rejoice in it and find joy in all things and in all seasons for you are the God who saves.

Holy Communion

Lord we are thankful that we can share a holy communion with you.
As we break bread and drink from the cup, surround us in the presence of your spirit, for this is a holy time with you.
Help us to sow love wherever we go and bring about reconciliation where there is division.
For we do not wrestle against flesh but against the powers of darkness that try to come between us.
Come and rain down your presence that we are revived for the week ahead.
In Jesus name, amen.

Casting Our Cares

Help us cast our cares on You today, God.
Help us lay our burdens at the altar.
Dissolve any anxiety or fear that we have today.
And let us not forget our brothers and sisters affected by hurricane Irma.
I pray for your healing and comfort for all the victims,
     that You demonstrate Your love and power through the church in this crisis.
And I also pray for Your healing in our lives today.
You are the great physician. Heal us of our brokenness and sin as well as any physical infirmities that burden us.
Thank You for being a God who loves us enough to care about what we care about.
I pray in Jesus’ name,

The Great Foundation

Lord God, You are a great foundation in our time of need.
We praise You for the works and the miracles that You do.
You are worthy of every praise.
We thank You for Your Holy Spirit Who gives us the power to stand firm in our faith
while living in a world that is dark and broken.
Lead us in our worship today
and enlighten our eyes so that our vision is clear and pure.
Give us comfort for we are foreigners in this land and sometimes the burden feels heavy,
Lead us to Your fountain that we may be refreshed and renewed, ready to follow Your will.

We Come to You

Calm our hearts today God. Let our worries be left at the altar.
We come to you with all that we have, both the good parts and the bad.
We thank You for Your amazing grace that let’s You look at us in all our sin and still says that we are worth dying for.
We are not worthy of anything except punishment, but thank you for Jesus
Who is the only One Who makes us worthy.
If we are to be a church that is made perfect in God, we need the love of Your son Jesus and the power of Your Holy Spirit. 
So help us press on toward the prize of our upward call in Christ with all endurance and strength.
In Jesus’ name,


Your Word says that without holiness, no one can see the Lord.
As we come before You today, let us be transformed by the renewing of our minds so that our thoughts,
and in turn our actions, are found pure. 
Continue to change us more and more into the likeness of Jesus so that we may live holy
because we need to see You, God.
We need to see You everyday.
Help us follow Your commandment to be holy so that the world may see our light in us and
witness Your love. 
Drench this place in Your presence today, in Jesus’ name.


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  1. Bonnie says:

    Amen. May this be our prayer every day.

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